What is an Elevator Pitch?

What is an Elevator Pitch?

An Elevator Pitch or an Elevator Speech is a short, concise and snappy phrase that you can say about yourself when the opportunity arises instead of bumbling your way to explain what your business or product is all about and thus miss an opportunity. The goal is to catch the attention of your prospect for them to want to know more and eventually become your customer. Another essential thing about an Elevator Pitch is that it helps you to define the scope of your business. If you could not clearly explain your business to others, chances are people will have no idea of your business either.

Besides introducing your business and products to potential customers, your Elevator Pitch can also be used to communicate to people about you and your business. Here are a few that comes to mind:

1. Business Card - You can put your Elevator Speech in your business card instead of the usual name, business address and a whole lot of boring information. Your Elevator Pitch can help your potential customer remember you and what you do.

2. Conversations - When we are with strangers, most of the time we are asked to introduce ourselves and what we do for a living. Why not inject your prepared Elevator Pitch and gain customers?

3. Media Pitch -Media people are a very busy lot and unless you catch their attention through your well-crafted elevator pitch, chances are they won't take a second look.

4. Email - You can add your Elevator pitch to your email signature so that your friends and people you correspond with know who you are and what you do. I am sure there are few of your friends who do that. You will stand out among your other friends and if they need someone with your expertise, you would most likely emerge on the top of their minds.

Here are only a few ways where to put your Elevator Pitch to good use. If you have other ideas, please do so by commenting below. 

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