Your 13 Sources of Sales

Here are the people and places to get your feet wet in the area of selling.

1. People you know because of their profession - The people you have interacted because you are customers of their business. These may include business owners, officers of small corporations, people in the professional fields such as law, medicine, dentistry and accounting.
2. People you know from your former employment - They may include former employers, co-employees, trade or professional associates, former customers and clients, former competitors.
3. People you interacted with in your school - They may be former schoolmates, high school/ college classmates, sorority/fraternity friends, organizational associates, athletic, dramatic, debating, musical, language, teachers, and parents of classmates and schoolmates.
4. People you know because you have a particular hobby or enjoy a particular sport - You may be a photography enthusiast, chess, music, golf, tennis, public speaking, home movies, travel, amateur dramatics and fellow club member. It doesn't mean that they don't need your product!
5. People you know because of your contact through public service or charitable interests - They may be your community fund contacts and people you meet during committee meetings.
6. People you know because of your own home - They may include your real estate agent, your banker, the seller, the builder, the real estate broker, the building supplier, the architect, interior designer, etc.
7. People you know because you live or have lived in certain neighborhoods - Don't discount your former neighbors or even your neighbors to me. Even if they won't buy from you, they have contacts as well who will buy from you.
8. People you know because you drive a car - It may be the dealer, the attendant, the gas station operator, tire suppliers, auto insurance salesperson, and others whom you may be in contact because of your car.
9. People you may know because of your daily expenditures - The grocer, the corner store, the cashier, packer, the video owner, people to whom you have made payments the past year.
10. People you know because you have children - Your children's teachers, parents of their playmates, school principals, etc.
11. People you know because of your religious activities - They may be teachers, clerics, fellow members, those whom you meet at religious services.
12. People you know because of your spouse's employment activities - Your spouse may be a cornucopia of contacts also. Ask!
13. People you know because of your organizational associations - They may be service organizations, fraternal organizations, neighborhood clubs, political groups, chamber of commerce, farm bureau, veteran's organizations, cooperative associations.

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