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Your Sales Call Should Have a System

Professional Sales Counselors who have been in sales for sometime, forget what it is like to be starting. Experienced sales professionals have a process that they follow. On the other hand, the new sales counselor can feel quite lost at times.
New sales counselors who start out without a structured approach often have no idea how to do their job. They ask common questions like: -“How do I start a sales call?” -“Where do I take it once I start?” -“How do I end the sales call?”
Interestingly, even experienced sales professionals are revisiting these questions due to the fact that sales have become more complex today and they realize that they will be less successful by using their old process or by trying to take it by “oido” in this new environment.

In Sales, Having a Market is Important

All business organizations are concerned with determining what makes a company, agency or individual successful while others are unsuccessful. It was discovered that the key to success was a customer-orientation, adaptability, responsiveness, and innovation. Those companies that recognized a need in a particular market and filled that need operated more effectively and more profitably.

Over the years, it has been noted that certain companies tend to be more successful than others in the area of recruiting and retaining sales counselors. In the majority of cases, these successful companies recruited sales counselors to specific, designated markets.
The same was true when successful managers were examined. When they recruited sales counselors who were compatible with prospects whom they would serve or who had some common socioeconomic, geographical, or occupational trait, they tend to have a higher success pattern than did those managers who recruited less specifically.

How to Become a Great Sales Counselor

What do we mean by a Sales Counselor?

First, we will clear up a few things which  a sales counselor should not be:
What a Great Sales Counselor is Not 1. A Sales Counselor Does Not Lie - Relationships are based on trust and we earn the food we eat through trust. Clients buy from us because they trust us. It's not because we have a great product only, they also buy because of our person. A trustworthy sales person says truthful things about the products that they carry. In essence, they are honest about what their product can and cannot do, their warranties, and some other defects of their products.

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