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Good Plan Delivery Makes A Good Planholder

When a sales counselor delivers a plan, he has the opportunity to make his planholder conscious of the value of his plan. By a hasty lack of graciousness, he will give the impression that he is only interested in his commission. On the other hand, by explaining the plan thoroughly, he can leave the planholder with a feeling of satisfaction that will result in persistent business, the possibility of a repeat sale, and his referral of a likely new prospect.
Make sure that the planholder fully understands his plan, and that he has a clear conception of its benefits. This can be accomplished by reviewing all benefits with him when you deliver the contract. The counselor should try to increase the planholder’s confidence in him by perhaps writing a memo and inserted on the plan at the time of delivery – to get acceptance as his personal counselor or adviser, someone to count on in the future. This is the time to lay the foundation of a continuing, profitable relationship.
Some counselors …

Planning for Effective Selling

A counselor must always plan his activities both long term and short term. Each activity must contribute, at a minimum of time, towards the achievement of the overall goals.

I plan my sales operation along three main lines: prospecting, presentation, and the regular call-back
PROSPECTING My main preoccupation of course is prospecting for this is the wellspring of my future clients. I cannot think of any of my planholders who was not once a prospect or name in my list book. My most fruitful methods of prospecting is the referral and center-of-influence. Initially the captive market can yield the bulk of a counselor’s production, but that will eventually be exhausted. That is why you just have to professionalize your style and not just rely on your “comadre” or “compadre” who signs the papers after some pleasantries here and there, or some arm-twisting now and then.

I have set aside a small box with index cards in it. The cards contain the names, addresses, ages and occupations of my pros…

The Sales Leader You Are Looking For

The quality of sales leadership is elusive, at best.  It is almost as difficult to define as it is to acquire.
Nevertheless, there are 10 basic qualities that all good sales leaders must possess.  Fortunately, most can be learned.
1.A sales leader likes people. If he  doesn’t, forget him
2.A Sales Leader is well-organized.  Organization is the foundation of everything that one does successfully in life.
3. A Sales Leader has a sense of commitment.  Until one is committed, there is hesitancy and always ineffectiveness.
4.A Sales Leader has a strong desire for responsibility. He knows he is responsible for the results.
5.A Sales Leader is persistent in the pursuit of his goals. Former US President Calvin Coolidge said, “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.  Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.  Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.  Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.  Persistence and determina…

10 Reminders to Succeed in Sales

I recently saw a sales article on Entrepreneur Magazine regarding sales and I'd like to share this with you:

A popular pollster recently revealed a study that among the professions, insurance salespeople and car salespeople are among the business professionals who failed in honesty and ethical conduct in business. Actually, this ill reputation is not only for car and insurance salespeople but to ALL salespeople. Bill Brooks of Brooks fame estimate that more than 85 percent of customers have a negative view of salespeople. Actually, this is not a cause for alarm for us as sales professionals. You can prove them wrong if you learn to develop the skills that will have your clients think differently about the selling process. In reality, sales is one of the most rewarding tasks you'll undertake as a business owner-but only if you follow these 10 laws: Reminder #1: Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. This is crucial in the first few minutes of any sales interaction. Remember Don&#…