How to Become a Great Sales Counselor

What do we mean by a Sales Counselor?

First, we will clear up a few things which  a sales counselor should not be:

What a Great Sales Counselor is Not

1. A Sales Counselor Does Not Lie - Relationships are based on trust and we earn the food we eat through trust. Clients buy from us because they trust us. It's not because we have a great product only, they also buy because of our person. A trustworthy sales person says truthful things about the products that they carry. In essence, they are honest about what their product can and cannot do, their warranties, and some other defects of their products.

Dreaming of joining a legitimate company that will let you earn more while maintaining your job? Wanting to quit your job and pursue a career in selling? Let Caritas take care of that for you! We are not an MLM company! Our products need not be pushed! You only act as the facilitator because this is what everyone needs!

Imagine yourself working from home and giving the best years of your life to your kids and grandkids. Think of how you help them mould their character instead of your nannies. Wouldn’t that be great? Since 1993, Caritas had been helping people such as you realize that kind of dream. They stay at home, raise their kids and grand kids, and at the same time, they earn money. Some keep their jobs and are also active in their selling activities. More ambitious ones quit their jobs, go full-time and their efforts do not go unrewarded. They eventually buy houses, cars and vacation they can only dream about while working as employees. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you are also one of these people?

With most jobs, you cannot do this kind of thing. You have to answer to someone else. Oftentimes that means being stuck in a desk job that imprisons you for eight hours a day. Oftentimes this job lacks flexibility, creativity and opportunities for growth.

As a Caritas Sales Counselor, you can define your own territory, set your own hours and be your own boss. Although we teach the basic ways of selling, you can develop your own sales strategies, strengths, and style. And when it comes to compensation, the sky’s the limit!

With us, you’ll be part of a dynamic community that offers the training, support and tools that will enhance your sales performance and make each day always a promising one.

 3 Easy Steps to Become a Licensed Sales Counselor

Step 1 – Find a Caritas Office to call home. 
If you do not know of an office, you can contact the Head Office (02) 516-3440 so they may refer to a branch office near your location.

Step 2 – Chammp / BSTS Training
We will let you know about our best-selling products and tell you more about the features and benefits and of course, the commission that should be yours!

Step 3 – Get your license and sell.

Immediately after licensing, you get to sell the products!
Hurry and write your own success story now! Be a Caritas Sales Counselor!

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