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10 Traits of a Successful Sales Professional

All companies look for great sales persons. A great sales person is defined as someone with a great attitude, of good moral standing, and can meet or exceed reasonable quotas.
Sadly, there are only a few sales person who are like that. Most of the people I encountered label sales persons as sleazy, which is unfair. If you are not sleazy, you cannot meet the quota.

But let us shatter that thought here in this post. Let us break down the traits on what will make you successful in sales.
1. First in the Office and the Last to Leave Most salespeople want to be successful. But they aren't prepared to work hard to achieve it. A successful sales person doesn't wait for business to come to them. They go after it. They start to work earlier than others and stay later than anyone else - not to use the internet. Rather they stay at the office to make more calls, prospect more consistently, refine their presentation, and spend more time improving their sales skills. One way to evaluate if…

How to Fail in Sales and Marketing

IN THE BEGINNING Juan the Group Manager woke up one Saturday morning. All week long he was looking forward to this day where he will do real recruiting and really start his business with his company. No other thing to do today except to focus 100% on recruiting. After finishing his breakfast, Juan looked at the clock – it’s 8:00am -  time to make those recruiting calls.

Juan hesitantly dialed the first number. Ring. Ring. Ring. No answer. Juan hangs up. They might still be sleeping. I shouldn’t probably call this early, Juan thinks to himself. “ I think the best thing to do first is to make some goal-setting for an hour.” At 9:00am, Juan finishes his revised goal with all the clever and beautiful charts to show how much he will earn if he will have 10 people working with him who average 100,000 in monthly ICBI.  He also calculated how much he will spend in going to Paris when he reaches a superstar status in his business with Caritas.

But first, Juan has to recruit his first Sales Counsel…